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MLLW Lille Long Sleeve


About Brandhunt

Brandhunt is a price comparison service specifically aimed towards providing the best available prices for clothing.

It was born out of a great passion for clothing which was shared between two young students, who had grown tired of the usual and general selection of brand clothing available – Which made them search on the World Wide Web after niche stores offering a more interesting selection of clothes.

After a lot of work, they finally managed to find a more interesting offering, to such an degree that our friends started asking them for tips on more unusual clothing. Through this, the idea about promoting these hidden yet interesting offerings without getting washed over by the more common and over-represented selections of offers was born.

We here at Brandhunt AB wish to challenge the current range of brand clothing available on the Internet, where you – as a consumer – are usually only offered the “usual” in terms of clothes. This is why we have created this optimized platform for you who doesn’t want what everybody else has already got.

Our business idea is built on having the greatest available selection of new as well as used brand clothes.

Our goal is to create the largest platform for brand clothes available on the Internet.

Our vision is to have an optimally optimized product created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, devoted to offering the greatest and widest selection of brands, clothes and branded clothing combined.

Our most important task is to offer you a fully optimized platform for brand clothing on the Internet.

All of this, in one place.